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DBY events and invitations is a full-service boutique studio. We help provide every event the perfect beginning; when our clients’ details meet our experience, anything is possible.

We pride ourselves on following the ‘perfect events every time’ philosophy, which includes assisting in every aspect of the event planning, or only those that our clients need the most help with. We work with the individuality and budget of every client and combine it with the tone for each event to transform it all into a one-of-a-kind celebration.

We are a small, very client focused boutique studio in Schaumburg. We have almost a decade of experience with our client services, and have satisfied hundreds of brides through the years. We work within the ethics of the Association of Bridal Consultants, and are members of ISES (the International Special Events Society.) Our planning is entirely fee based, and we do not accept commissions or monetary referral reciprocation from our vendors, allowing us to foster long term relationships with quality members of the bridal industry.

Our ultimate goal is what we assume to be your goal: a perfect and enjoyable event for you and your guests. We treat every wedding and celebration as an individual and unique experience, allowing you to be a guest, instead of ‘working’ it. We organize the day into a reasonable schedule, and meet with the vendors to ensure their collaboration. We are there every step along the way, and guarantee that your details will be carried out in a professional and reliable manner. Your happiness and perfect event mean everything to us, and it is those hundreds of past brides that still make it a thrill to come into our studio every day. If you would like to engage DBY events, we can’t wait love to work with you. Call us today and schedule a consultation to discuss your vision – we would love to make it a reality!

Our Wedding planning and consultations can be as unique as each of our clients, but here is a general overview of package options:

Your Perfect Day - For the client who would like assistance from the very beginning.  A totally stress free option with us by your side to guide you through the entire process.  Be it either the most intimate or the most lavish affair – we will create for you ‘The Perfect Day.”  From creating a budget to helping select colors, designs, invitations, wedding and reception sites, flowers, and decorations, we will ensure you receive your dream wedding event. 

- Venue & Ceremony Location Consultation    (including up to 5 site visits)
- Total Event Budget Development and assistance with Vendor Selections
- Décor and Etiquette Consultation
- Reception Oversight and Management including up to 3 on-site venue meetings
- Vendor Contract negotiations
- Ongoing and Unlimited support contact including monthly meetings.
- Wedding Day Consultation and ‘Stage Management’ up to 10 hours
- Break down and collection service for all rental and client owned items

For You, by Us - This package is for that couple who would like to determine their venue, date and some of their most important vendors on their own. But once the larger decisions have been made, they will want a Management Company to assist with the ongoing vendor relationships and the budget & timing that can be so consuming. It is a packaged designed to offer our best event planning expertise.

- Event Budget Consultation
- Assistance with Vendor Selections
- Décor and Etiquette Consultation
- Reception Oversight / Management including site visit or catering meeting
- Vendor Contract Review and timing assessment
- Ongoing email support contact and Bi-Monthly Status review up to 8 hours
- Wedding Day Consultation and ‘Stage Management’ up to 6 hours

Designed by You – An event ‘account management’ and light coordination option, this package is primarily for the client who loves dreaming about their perfect event and making it come to life themselves, but who wants the expertise of a seasoned planner on their side.  We will provide our support in timing, etiquette, contracts, budget and any overview categories you may not have remembered. 'Day-of' Planning would fall under this package.

- Event Décor, Timing and Etiquette Consultation
- Event Budget Preparation and Payment Schedules report
- Reception Assessment and Recommendations
- Vendor Contract Review and timing assessment
- Email support contact and Status review 3 times prior to event date
- Wedding Day Consultation and ‘Stage Management’ up to 4 hours

Consultations/Hourly Fees - We will meet with you to discuss any questions you may have about your wedding, from vendors, to etiquette, to décor.  Consultations are on an hourly basis and payment is due at that time.  This is a great option for the Bride who enjoys planning her wedding, making her own invitations or a DIY project for favors but needs a little help to make it a dream come true. 

For more detailed information about the services included in each package, please email us or call our studio to discuss the options for your big day. We will tailor any package to your specific needs!

Danielle & Matt Forte Reception

Jessica Goebbert & Simon Crass Wedding Reception

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